Republic Packaging Corp is a complete cushion packaging solutions provider. As a multi-national corporation, our facilities are located throughout the United States, Canada and most recently, Mexico. As a market needs driven company, Republic can design, test, manufacture and deliver cushion packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

From our inception in 1961, our founder Charles R. Wood, President and Chairman, was convinced that there was an opportunity to design and fabricate protective packaging materials for fragile products backed by a higher level of service.

Mr. Wood combined his expertise gained from working for the manufacturer of Sus-Rap, a paper product used for blocking and bracing mirrors and windshields, and Tufflex, a wood cellulose cushioning material used by the furniture and packing industries. As a result, he developed ideas to better serve his customers' needs by supplying both Sus-rap and Tufflex along with polyurethane foam. Success was then assured when 3 major companies placed orders for protective packaging – Western Electric, Gibbon & Sexton, and Automatic Electric.

In 1965, Republic moved to their present corporate location in Chicago, and, in 1966, acquired Hanson Foam of Dolton, IL and Great Lakes Fabricators of Illinois. In succeeding years, many branch factories and support facilities have been opened to complement our Chicago headquarters and manufacturing operations, and to allow us to support the needs of industry from coast to coast. We now have 6 facilities throughout North America and employ over 200 dedicated people.

Republic has made dramatic growth since 1961 based upon our concept of scientifically designing and fabrication cushion packaging systems to meet the unique requirements of each product. We have developed and patented a variety of packaging products that include the use of materials such as Polyurethane foams, Polyethylene foam, Polystyrene, corrugated and others.

Today, major industries are taking advantage of our innovative packaging for high-tech products including computers, electronics, precision instruments, photographic, telecommunications, medical, Automotive, and aircraft components.

Today Republic continues to work hard to expand our position as an industry leader by continuing to develop innovative packaging concepts to serve the needs of industry.

  • Chicago, IL
  • McAllen, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Iroquois, ONT
  • Smith Falls, ONT
  • Toronto, ONT
  • Reynosa, Tamps, MEX

Service is the driving difference behind Republic Packaging

Beyond the quality of our packaging manufacturing stands a level of service that is truly unique to our industry. Republic remains committed to remaining a technological leader in the industry, which allows for the design and delivery of a broad range of designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver within short cycle times, just-in-time deliveries and of course, daily deliveries. Our package solutions come from a wide variety of raw materials including foams, coated foams, polyurethanes, polystyrenes and more. All solutions are backed by our strong purchasing power that allows us to be price competitive for our customers.

Bundled beyond the packaging solutions is Republic’s ability to provide true supply chain solutions surrounding your packaging materials. Through the activity based management principles of Impacte™, we can offer our customers turn key packaging solutions from design to manufacture, through delivery to inventory management, with perfect flow into manufacturing. Make sure to ask us how we can streamline your entire packaging processes.
"After 49 years of business, our number one focus continues to be the customer – meeting their needs with quality packaging solutions."
Charlie Wood,
President, Republic
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