Republic Packaging's REP-CAD

Developed in the mid nineties, REP-CAD can be developed for Concurrent Engineering (meaning we can develop the packaging at the same time the product is being developed)

A Program that takes the guess work and uncertainty out and provides Engineering and Innovation.

The program visually shows various packaging shapes to choose from.

Standard foam and corrugated shapes or a custom design can be chosen.

REP-CAD is made up of programs that quickly generate a variety of corrugated layouts (30), 3D Foam concepts (12), 3D Box types (4), and various other helpful features that help designers to be more efficient.

This program sets the standard for documenting designs.

Some benefits:
  • Object Oriented
  • Graphical
  • Distributed
  • Templates
  • Minimizes Prototype Building
  • Pictorially Displays the Packaging
  • Packaging Design cycle time is faster
  • Drawings can be electronically sent to customers

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