Republic Packaging's REP-DESIGN

Rep-Design is a PC program using a computerized knowledge database of cushioning results. Based on minimum input, it will recommend the best cushioning materials by analyzing the simulated drop test results of 45 plus materials in its database. Only six user inputs are required:
  • Product Weight
  • Drop Height
  • Fragility
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

This program allows our designers to choose between many materials to get optimum performance with the least cost and smallest cube.

Since this program provides fragility information - a simulated drop analysis can be obtained showing what the expected G's will be from various drop heights. This is achieved without doing actual live drop tests to evaluate existing or new packaging designs.

Most designers don't have the time no inclination to manually research each material specification sheet to come up with the information. Rep-Design can do this in less than 2 minutes.

Other designers don't have the time to go through the laborious task of trial and error testing using various materials that may protect the product.

The speed and information given to the designer via the Rep-Design system gives our designers a significant edge.

Rep-Design puts the power and time back into the designer's hands. We no longer need to use a few cushioning products we feel comfortable with. Thus the trial and error approach is eliminated.

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